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5 Ways leather products jazz up guys style

1. Leather is masculine and slick

Hammer and claw handmade leather products

Leather is tough like men. Leather is pretty sturdy. It suits guys. It goes well with alpha personalities. Ladies love to get a new purse or wallet every other month. Ideally, a lady would like to have a new clutch every time she leaves her home. Now, unlike ladies, we men love to keep using our products for years and years. We want sturdy and long-lasting stuff. We men are not frugal, we are just more economical and logical. We want our products to last a long time. And that is what exactly what leather products do. We at Hammer & Claw also make extremely durable leather products for men because we understand that guys hate to buy a new wallet every year.

Guys love to show off how durable their leather products are. My cousin once bought a pair of leather shoes, he almost made us kiss his shoes because he was madly in love with the life-time guarantee that the brand offered.

It’s also true. Real leather lasts for decades when kept with care.

It’s simple! We guys are tough and love tough long-lasting stuff.

2. Leather products don’t cost much

Hammer and claw handmade leather products

Real leather products are more affordable than other materials. Let’s say a leather wallet costs Rs. 5000, which sounds very expensive but it will last for more than 10 years. It costs you Rs. 500 a year. Other fancy wallets cost at least Rs. 1000 and they don’t last more than a year, on average. If you buy a new Rs. 1000 wallet every year, the cost would be Rs. 10,000 after 10 years. The real leather products only FEEL pricy but last longer and are actually offer way higher value. And their durability ultimately makes them more affordable.

Just make sure you get years of warranty on a leather product you buy and that product will turn out to be very affordable for you.

3. Leather products are timeless

Hammer and claw handmade leather products

I bought two messengers bags. They were decent, beautiful, and reasonably priced. But it didn’t last more than a few weeks. I had started liking them. It was nice to keep all my gear organized in one bag. It didn’t last for very long. Sooner than I expected, I saw a tear in the bag. Which got bigger and bigger till it was too obvious and I had to dump the bag.

Leather bags are different. They are timeless. No other material matches the awesome looks and feel of leather. Leather will remain in fashion FOREVER. The leather product you have today will be in vogue even a decade from today.  They are timeless. They are an investment.

Environment friendly

Hammer and claw handmade leather products

Caring about the environment is not just our responsibility, it is also very fashionable these days. Leather products are natural. Most leather products are made from the Hyde of animals that are used for food. Using leather products is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Because unlike synthetic fibers, leather is not made from chemicals. Leather making does not involve any chemicals these days.

5. Fashionable

 The primary reason for the fame of leather products is their elegant, classy, and timeless looks. Leather products offer both style and function. There is just one problem. The market for leather products is full of fake leather products made with poor craftsmanship, using low-quality tools and below-average design. Make sure you buy the leather products from someone who genuinely loves this craft and offers great value unselfishly.

 Check out our range of high-quality handmade leather products.

We ship from our facility in Pakistan and the United Kingdom. We offer 2 - 3 days shipping in Pakistan and the UK. We also offer Worldwide shipping.

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