The Beginning

Hi, my name is Ammar.

Whenever I dress up nicely, people treat me differently. It's sad, but people always judge us based on our appearance.

Or, through the items we possess.

I started Hammer & Claw to have the opportunity to design and bring to life my dream products—ones that communicate the fact that you have a superior taste in design when you walk around with these items in your hands.

I always use the first few prototypes myself.

Then, we refine the design further until I'm absolutely happy.

Hammer & Claw did not make any profit in the first two years. I spent less on advertising but continued running it. Because it's not there to make money. It's there because of my desire to keep producing amazing products.

Even if no one purchases a single product I design, I will still sit down, sketch a product in my notebook, and strive to bring that product to life. That's who I am, and that's why I founded H&C.

Ammar Akram, Founder

The name 'Hammer And Claw'

Before launching Hammer And Claw, my plan involved crafting handmade products with the meticulous touch of hand stitching. I thought, 'Well, hand stitching definitely needs tools like a hammer'

Being a bit of a novice in the world of leathercraft (okay, I still am), little did I know that a claw isn't exactly a must-have tool for the craft.

I decided to call it Hammer And Claw, because it reflects the handmade, high-end vibe I was going for.