Design story

At Hammer & Claw, we're passionate about creating innovative products that our customers will fall in love with. Our design process starts with our customers, where we carefully study their needs and work tirelessly to make our products as beautiful and practical as possible, using only the highest quality materials.

Over the past 13 months, we've been listening closely to our customers' preferences, resulting in the creation of some remarkable designs. For those seeking a slimmer and more minimalist wallet, we developed the Nano, which boasts a stunning design and exceptional practicality. For those looking for more pockets in their wallets, we created the Pro wallet with an extra pocket cleverly hidden under a lip of leather.

We're committed to innovation, which is why we continue to refine our Bold wallet design, a design that has won the hearts of hundreds of our past customers with its simplistic yet sturdy design.

We understand the value of a well-aged leather product, which is why we spent months developing burnished leather that shines naturally from the moment our products are unboxed. Our recipe for success involves combining innovative designs based on customer needs, breathtaking aesthetics, and the highest quality leather. We are passionate about creating beautiful wallets, and we'll continue to do so while making them even more innovative and better in the future.

Overall, we strive to make products that our customers will cherish for years to come. Our unique approach to design and our commitment to quality materials set us apart from the rest. We're dedicated to making wallets that people love and can't wait to continue doing so in the future.